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At any one time there are many egregious attempts by big business and weak government to destroy parts of the planet by exploiting natural resources with no concern for the environmental damage being caused, their sole consideration being the generation of cash.

It seems to me this is not simply unjustifiable from a moral standpoint, but in an increasingly depleted world, this mindless destruction of globally important ecosystems and other natural phenomena, which may not be wholely quantifiable simply in terms of money, is also an intellectual absurdity.

If you feel a particular piece of environmental vandalism requires a link here and you can’t see it, please leave a comment and where possible I will add a link.

Causes for Concern

1st March 2011

At the risk of contradicting my assertion from an earlier post regarding the sell off of our forests that I tend not to get involved in campaigning, that and the intended incursion by UK oil companies SOCO and Dominion into the Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, have convinced me that a page here to provide information  and help direct like minded environmentalists to suitable places to voice their protest is in order.

Firstly, to all those who came through The Naturephile to sign the petition protesting at the sell off of nationally owned forests in the UK, thankyou. And for all of you who want to prevent other abuses I will attempt to harness the power of the internet here by placing links to relevant websites.

Oil prospecting inside Africas Virunga National Park:

In order to justify this particular outrage SOCO’s Chief Executive at one point claims that the Virunga World Heritage Area is mostly “burnt-out savanna”! And this is the home to  mountain gorillas, chimapnzees, hippopotamus and elephants. This idiot needs opposing.


The Canadian government is intensively lobbying European governments to water down European legislation which may prevent importation of oil from tar sand. If you want to help prevent this go to WWF website here:


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    Good to see some campaigns on here, nature needs all the help it can get!

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