Boris Island – Step up for Nature

17th February 2012

You may have read recent news reports in which the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, our go-to buffoon for TV game show producers and other public occasions where abject stupidity is required, has proposed that a fourth London airport be built on the Thames estuary, to be known as ‘Boris Island‘. Thereby revealing that underneath the absurd exterior there lurks a narcissistic thug who doesn’t care that this area is of worldwide importance for nature and is home to hundreds of thousands of waders and other seabirds. I suspect that if Mr Johnson or his electorate lived there he would be rather less keen to have an international airport built in his back garden.

We already have airports serving the capital at Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow which could have been developed to provide additional capacity. The wildlife doesn’t have a voice in Westminster whereas the nimby capitalists in the tory heartlands of Essex, Sussex and Middlesex do. So the rest of us need to speak up for the residents of the estuary.

Please support the RSPB campaign to prevent this further onslaught on our environment by clicking here and adding your voice to all the others who do care about the natural world and try to prevent this horrendous assault on our wildlife.


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