Cambridge Folk Festival

4th July 2012

Today I received an email from a friend of mine who is involved with an organisation called ‘The Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall. Cherry Hinton Hall is a grand house on the southern edge of Cambridge set in wonderful old gardens which are full of mature trees and lakes which constitute an important habitat for a plethora of wildlife including birds and bats.

The Cambridge Folk Festival is held every year in the grounds of the Hall which is a delightful 3 day extravaganza of folk music, blues, country, African, Latin American and  other very cool musical genres. It’s a very friendly Festival and has always taken all the local inhabitants, including the wildlife, into consideration.

This year, one of the Festival sponsors, Sky Arts, are demanding that a two storey recording studio is built over a small lake in the grounds in order to provide a striking location for interviewing the artists. This would indeed be striking, but unfortunately it would have a very adverse effect on the water birds and the bats which live there all year round, but the sponsors don’t seem to be moved by that.

There is a campaign here in Cambridge to attempt to dissuade the organisers, Cambridge City Council, from this course of action, so if you have ever attended, or may attend, the Festival, or are simply keen to support a wonderful music event and maintain it’s charm, please email the following people with your views. Let them know that such gems as The Cambridge Folk Festival should under no circumstances sell out to corporate coercion (especially when the money involved comes from an organisation in the Murdoch empire!):

Cambridge City Council staff –

And then copy your email to  and

Please help us to head off this egregious abuse which is totally out of keeping with the character of the best music festival in the UK (in my humble opinion!).


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