Red Tape Challenge


I’ve just become aware of an utterly horrifying government review which is already underway called the ‘Red Tape Challenge‘. Its stated purpose is to review legislation in a number of areas in order to minimise bureaucracy for business.

On the face of it it seems like a reasonable idea until I realised that EVERY SINGLE one of the 159 pieces of environmental protection legislation have the potential to be scrapped.

Every single one.

That includes the Climate Change Act, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act, Sites of Special Scientific Interest Regulations, Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Spring Traps Approval Order, the Public Rights of Way Act etc etc.

If you wish to register a protest about this it can be done via the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds at:

Or you can make general or specific comments direct to the government at:

Or direct to Vince Cable, Minister for Business Innovation and Skills at:

Please ensure your voice on this doesn’t go unheard!


Please share your thoughts:

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