Terms and Conditions:

1) I’m happy to publish both images and contributors text but I reserve full rights of editing of both
2) I can’t guarantee to publish all images submitted
3) All contributions will be fully credited to the contributor
4) I’ll store the images on my PC and I won’t publish them anywhere else without the contributors permission
5) If requested I will delete any images which aren’t used in The Naturephile
6) I’m open to any requests or suggestions but please don’t be offended if I decline

4 responses to “T+C’s

  1. Hi Finn. Lovely blog. I wanted to email but cannot find the email address though it must be here as you invite people to mail you.

    I tried to follow on RSS but just got a lot of code displayed, so I am following via email.

    I haven’t had time to write a blog till now, so I micro-blog on Twitter. Some local (S Wales) some wider interest. All posts on @PaulSeligNature are nature related, I use other Twiiter accounts for other interests, so my sparse tweets are very focused (if you are a Twiiter user).

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment, I’m glad you like The Naturephile. I guess because you’re not a WP user there is no link to my email but if you want to email instead of commenting my address is ‘augustus3164@gmail.com’.

      I don’t Twitter but I just followed your link and yours is the first Twitter page I’ve ever looked at! And I feel a tad inspired too because I’ve been thinking of setting up FB and Twitter sites for the Naturephile but I haven’t got round to it yet. But now I’ve seen what your Twitter looks like I feel I should give it a go. Make sure you let me know if you do set up a full size blog. All the best. Finn

  2. Your Volucella inanis is actually V. zonaria

    Details of the location and date of photograph would be useful for the Hoverfly Recording Scheme

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