More hungry garden birds

When the snows arrived a couple of weeks ago my garden immediately became host to all the species of garden birds that normally feed there and which had been absent for the whole of this winter. So I couldn’t resist taking some photographs, a few of which appeared a couple of posts ago, and the rest are here…

A hen blackbird was one of several trying to prise worms from the icy ground

A female great tit taking peanuts from the seed tray

Cock chaffinch eyeing up the seed scattered on the ground under the frosty buddleia

One of my resident robins perched on the seed tray after a feast

A blue tit waiting in the buddleia bush for a chance to get on the feeders

The sun came out early which made photography considerably easier, but it was tricky to ge the exposure right when a bird was stood on snow reflecting sunlight:

A dunnock pecking seed from the grass. They have gorgeous colours when illuminated by the sun

This starling was distracted by me and stared straight at the camera

And finally a goldfinch perched in the buddleia before the sun broke through the clouds hence the high ISO and grainy look.

A dearth of information in this post but I hope you like the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

12 responses to “More hungry garden birds

  1. Beautiful selection of bird photos! I really enjoy seeing your birds!

  2. Beautiful shots! Your birds are so much cuter (not scientific, but true) than ours, especially your robins!

    • Hello Marian, thanks for your comment.

      Surely you have some cute birds in Texas too? Don’t humming birds fly through your neck of the woods?

      • Yes, we get some wonderful hummingbirds. In San Antonio we had a giant trumpet vine in our yard, and it was really fun watching the males dive bomb each other like tiny jets. I was also lucky enough to be present for the spring migration through Rockport, Texas, and the trees were filled with masses of brilliantly colored warblers.

      • That sounds wonderful. Texas hasn’t been on my travel agenda, but that may now have to change!

  3. What a beautiful variety of garden visitors you have. 🙂

    • I’m pretty lucky here, I get 20-30 species of birds coming through my garden, especially during a cold snap. I think I may make a list and capture a photograph of each of them, although that could take some time because in the 6.5 years I’ve lived here I’ve only seen one sparrowhawk, one jay and one yellowhammer. Nice project though…

  4. I love the pictures, what a wonderful selection of beautifully photographed garden birds. It’s impossible to choose a favourite really (and why would I want to?) but I am very taken with the hen blackbird, she’s a corker.

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