My tame wood pigeon

Several posts ago I mentioned the wood pigeons that were frequenting my garden. For the last 2-3 weeks there has just been one, but he has been very regular, dropping in and mooching around the back lawn and vacuuming up the spilled from the feeders, even though he’s fairly adept at balancing on there and helping himself. I’m calling him a he because I’m imaging it is the same one and that if he were a female he’d be busy incubating eggs and rearing chicks.

Tidying up the garden with one of the local blackbirds

This particular pigeon seemed very relaxed in the garden, he would fly in and spend alot of time just wandering around and feeding on seeds and a couple of weeks ago I happened to glance out the window and he was still on the ground. I watched him for a couple of minutes and he didn’t move so I went off to get my camera but by the time I got back he had disappeared.

Enjoying the sunshine

Then several hours later he was back and doing the same thing again. He was hunkered down on the ground with his wings extended. I’ve never seen wood pigeons do this before but I can only assume that he felt sufficiently secure to relax and enjoy the sunshine! He was there for several minutes before he was disturbed by another bird and then he wandered around for a few more minutes before flying away.

Columba palumbus (Dansk: ringdue)

And in my humble opinion he is a very handsome bird. This evening as I write this there are three wood pigeons sitting on my garden fence, so maybe he’s told the wife and kids about it too. I’ll have to put out more seed and nuts than usual tomorrow.

22 responses to “My tame wood pigeon

  1. We have 2 wood pigeons that have came in our garden for a few years now. We call them Mr & Mrs Hoover due to the way they pick up all sorts off the ground.

    • Hello Steve, your birds are very aptly named. The capacity of a wood pigeon for any kind of food never ceases to amaze me. Mine have worked out not just about all the food on the floor but how to get at the hanging fatball and seed feeders too!

      • Ours try, but they seem a bit to mentally challenged sometimes to work out how to get the fat balls, or even get on the bird table ( which has a roof on it ). Its a bit easier now the tables been repositioned. I experimented with my GoPro camera yesterday and managed to get a robin feeding. Have a look if you want.

      • Wood pigeon aren’t the brightest creatures!

        That’s a lovely piece of robin footage. I’m really impressed with what can be done with a video camera that costs south of £300. You’ve made me want to have a go at it too, but I’ll try it with my DSLR first.

  2. What a handsome bird, Finn! I hope he has a family nearby.

  3. Your personal gentleness comes out in your writing, Finn…the things that fascinate and move you. Thank you for sharing…and for being you.

    • Hello scott, thankyou very much for your kind words, they’re very much appreciated.

      I’m always happy to share my pictures and thoughts on nature, and the connectivity provided by the internet to facilitate that is amazing. Since the invention of the camera, the internet is the best thing to happen for folks like me!

      • You are most welcome, Finn…there is an amazing connectivity in our little community here, sharing the things that fascinate us with like-minded folks. 🙂

      • Absolutely right Scott, and it was unthinkable before the age of the internet.

      • Indeed, unthinkable before the internet…we would have done well to keep in-touch with a handful of friends through cards and letters, sharing snapshots through the post….

  4. He obviously recognises a welcoming garden when he sees one. It must be tough being a pigeon, with so many people giving you grief. How lovely for him to find an appreciative audience. I agree with you, a very handsome fellow.

  5. A lovely bird, indeed, Finn. Keep feeding him and he’ll soon be your pal 🙂 Perhaps he has a female close by, on two white eggs on a flat, twiggy nest.

  6. He’s a very handsome bird! The first one I’ve ever seen.

  7. Just beautiful!

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