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Looking after the forests and the fishes Pt2

Following on from the previous post about the vote for reform to the EU Common Fisheries Policy tomorrow, I emailed the seven MEP’s that were listed on Chris Davies (Lib Dem MEP) website as swinging voters:

Struan Stevenson (Con, sits in ECR European Parliament Group, UK)
Marek Grobarczyk (Law and Justice, sits in ECR, Poland)
Nigel Farage (UKIP, sits in EFD, UK)
Dolores Garcia-Hierro Caraballo (Socialist, sits in S&D, Spain)
Diane Dodds (DUP, non-attached, UK)
Werner Kuhn (Christian Democrats, sits in EPP, Germany)
Jaroslaw Walesa (Civic Platform, sits in EPP, Poland)

And the other three UK MEP’s who sit on the Fisheries Committee:

Ian Hudghton (SNP)
Julie Girling (Con)
George Lyon (Lib Dem)

So far the only one who has replied is Struan Stevenson and his assistant assured me that he will be voting for the reforms and that the vote can be followed tomorrow here on the European Parliaments website.

Fingers crossed that the common good prevails over commercial interests!

Looking after the forests and the fishes

No pictures in this post but I want to show you a couple of websites which you may be interested in showing some support for.

Two of the ongoing issues which I’m passionate about are conservation of the oceans and the forests. Down in Tasmania is a very courageous and dedicated lady called Miranda Gibson whose blog I found a couple of months ago, it’s called ‘TheObservertree‘, and in it she describes her last year living at the top of a tree in a forest in Tasmania as a peaceful protest at the destruction of the native ancient forests there. I was really pleased to see this week that Miranda’s stand was highlighted on the front page of the BBC News website:


Please check out the video and visit her blog to register your support.

And the second issue which is coming up this week is a vote in the European Parliament to reform the Common Fisheries Policy which if passed will ban discard and help to rebuild dwindling fish stocks. For any non-Europeans who may be unaware of what’s happening, the EU has stipulated how much of which fish species can be caught and landed. On the face of it a good thing you may think, but in practice what this means is that all the over catches are simply dumped back into the sea, referred to as ‘discard‘. Which means that many tons of perfectly good fish are killed and then thrown overboard, which is great for short term hunger management of gulls and other fish eating creatures, but completely insane from the point of view of maintaining viable fish stocks for all species!

I’ve been getting regular updates from Chris Davies, a UK Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who sits on the Fisheries Committee, and you can follow this link to the latest communication. If you feel strongly about the destruction of the oceans please send an email to one or more of the swinging MEP’s listed who sit on the Committee and ask them to vote for the reforms.

This is the email I sent to all of them and all the other UK MEP’s who sit on the Fisheries Committee:

As an MEP sitting on the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament I am writing to urge you to vote for the reform to the Common Fisheries Policy this Tuesday.

I believe that it is essential that the reform is passed in order to guarantee the longer term survival of viable fish stocks in order to maintain the health of not only the fish but that of the ocean as a whole. This is particularly the case as, going forward, the seas are likely to become more and more important as a food source. I believe this issue should be beyond party politics and the lobbying power of vested interests as it is much too important, and the fish stocks should not be squandered in the pursuit of short term commercial interests.

I thank you for taking the time to read my email and urge you again to please vote for the reform.

If you enjoy your fish and chips, and want to continue to do so, please send an email or two to let the MEP’s know how you wish them to vote.