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I’d just like to thank…

Some time ago, my blogging colleague Rick, the man behind the superb blog ‘btweenblinks‘ gave the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ to TheNaturephile. I was extremely pleased that someone liked my blog sufficiently to recognise it in this way but I deferred acceptance because at that time I had only dipped my toe into the waters of the blogosphere and in order to accept the award I had to pass it on to fifteen other worthy blogs. I was only reading a very small number of blogs so I was unable to extend the award to the requisite quota just then.

And then a couple of days ago an email dropped into my inbox from Lorna of ‘lornastearoomdelights‘ which is an utterly delicious blog dedicated to the worship of all things tea, cake and chocolate, and she has awarded me the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award.

I’m now immersed above the knee in the blogosphere and there are enough top quality entries on my blogroll to fulfil the acceptance obligations, which also stipulate thanks to those who nominated TheNaturephile and to include a link to their blogs. The links are above and thank you very much indeed to Rick and Lorna for their nominations. I’m very happy they both consider Thenaturephile worthy of these accolades. Please pay a visit to both blogs and enjoy them as much as I do.

As well as passing on the awards I must share seven snippets of trivia about myself, so I’m going to follow Lorna’s lead and combine the nominations and the trivia in order not to overburden you, dear reader, with stuff you may wish you didn’t know.

First off, my nominations, in no order, for the two awards are as follows. They’re not all nature or photography blogs, just an eclectic selection that make me chuckle, think or simply say ‘Wow!’:

Wandering Woody – http://wanderingwoody.wordpress.com/ – tales of the wild and conservation predominantly from the north east of England

Natures Place – http://beingmark.com/ – some of the finest macro photography I’ve ever seen

naturestimeline – naturestimeline.wordpress.com – fascinating phenological phenomena from southern England

Montana Outdoors – http://montucky.wordpress.com/ – beautiful views of the nature of Montana

My Daily Denmark – http://mydailydenmark.wordpress.com/ – a delightful collection of images of everyday objects from Denmark which remind me of wonderful times spent over there when I was a kid

Pieces of me and other sundry things – http://seekraz.wordpress.com/ – marvellous photographs and thought provoking words from the state of Utah

The Lantern Room – https://thelanternroom.wordpress.com/ – beatifully varied nature photography

Haphazard Linkages – http://haphazardlinkages.wordpress.com/ – highly amusing and interchelated views of society, nature and sundry phenomena.  A very entertaining read

krikitarts – http://krikitarts.wordpress.com/ – wonderful wildlife (including lichens!)

dutchgoesitalian – http://dutchgoesitalian.com/ – pasta, wine architecture and all things cultural from Italia

everyday nature trails – http://theresagreen.wordpress.com/ – natural phenomena from Wales and Spain – two countries covered!

And lastly because this is the newest blog on my list,

stephanielane2012 – http://stephanielane2012.wordpress.com/ – natural and social history from the southern states of the U.S.

And lastly, seven random facts about myself…

1) When I’m not photographing and blogging I’m learning to play bass guitar
2) I love making things out of wood (basic joinery – not cabinet making!) and my ultimate goal is to make a bass
3) Two things make me see red: inconsiderate driving and littering
4) My favourite shops are online, except bookshops and music shops
5) I’ve drunk beer on 4 continents (Africa, Asia, America and Europe) and I love them all, but the best is Adnams Broadside from a pub in Southwold
6) I try not to waste anything, especially energy, so my bike is my transport and I’ve recently installed solar panels on my roof
7) The thing I wish for most is a world that my kids will be happy in