COP21 – is 2015 the start of something big?

This is the first time I’ve posted about a news story, but I’m really happy about this one:

The agreement which has just been reached at the COP21 climate conference in  Paris, to curb carbon emissions and head off the more dangerous ramifications of climate change, is the most important one so far this century. It’s not comprehensive, it’s not perfect. But it puts us in a good place to push on and make it work.

It’s the start of a very long and difficult process but the consequences of failure are unthinkable. But now 195 countries have agreed a framework to try to achieve some level of climate stability as a result of human activities, so the initial steps have been made.  Hats off to the French for driving it and all the other negotiators for working to reach such a vital agreement.


I hope 2015 is the start of something big and that the Paris Agreement will ultimately help to ensure the survival of lots of species like this one!

7 responses to “COP21 – is 2015 the start of something big?

  1. I hope you’re right, it’s an incredible achievement to get 195 nations to agree on a way forward. Here’s to better things to come (and more butterflies like the beauty in this post).

  2. Whenever positive change starts to be placed on the agenda it’s always a win 🙂

  3. Ditto.
    But the agreement is only a starting point and countries (particularly my country, Australia, which is one of the worst per capita, for carbon emissions), need to pour more resources into reversing the negative impact of our modern way of life.
    It’s easy for most western nations to be complacent and steer financial resources in other directions.
    Hopefully our new Prime Minister will take global warming more seriously.

    • Hello Vicki. Your dead right. It’s the starting pistol for a very long race. But I hope the fact that an agreement between 195 competing national interests was achieved indicates that most governments are now taking it seriously. My worry was that no agreement would be reached and we’d bumble on for another five years with no substantive change in energy practice, racing headlong past the point of no return. So I’m encouraged that that didn’t happen. I also think that now that the world appears to be establishing a framework for dealing with climate change it will encourage the businessmen and wavering politicians to legislate and invest in development of clean technology. And the few reports I’ve read from the business community since the agreement was made have been broadly encouraging. It’s a marathon, not a sprint but it seems we are at least under way. I hope so.

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